MG Metro 1300

The MG metro is a special car for me as it was the first car I got after passing my test at 18. The 1300 engine felt quite quick at the time and with all the extra bulk that small cars have these days, I’m sure it would still give them a run for their money as far as performance is concerned.

Despite the hydro gas suspension, the car handled well and was a lot of fun to drive on the open country roads. Build quality wasn’t exactly the best, as things like the seats, switches and indicator stalks tended to be a little rattly and loose, but I think that this helped to give the car some character and I never had any problems with a major breakdown.

If fact the only real problem was with the body work, as this was prone to rot and corrosion. I did try to look after the car and would always give it a shampoo and wax if I had the time and sometimes I would give it a complete valet inside and out if it was nice weather.

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