Why it is a Good Idea Have Your Gas Boiler Serviced Every Year

The gas boiler is a vital part of every home, serving the central heating system and hot water. Preventing hitches and general mechanical problems with the boiler is definitely worthwhile if you want to enjoy safe, efficient use. A boiler is a mechanical appliance like any other and therefore in Harrogate it requires servicing at a point in its use. To ensure that a boiler works effectively, safely and efficiently, suitably qualified plumbers and heating engineers recommend an annual service to any operational boiler.

Though rare, gas leaks from boilers can be dangerous. About twenty people die each year in the United Kingdom due to carbon monoxide leaks brought about by faulty boilers. Regular boiler maintenance would detect such faults and keep a lot of families away from danger. You can find out more information about plumbing on wordpress here.

A boiler that is efficient and is performing perfectly brings down fuel costs by about 10-15% in a single home. Regular maintenance by a gas certified plumber can also save you from other costs like repair cost. Some of the faults, if left unattended can bring about bigger problems that would require a lot of money to repair. With regular servicing by a qualified Engineer, these small faults can be detected and corrected before they become catastrophic.

Boilers in the market today are very efficient compared to those that were there a decade ago. Despite this fact, they can still get clogged over time, and this can ultimately lead to a build-up of bigger problems. Simple maintenance by a qualified Harrogate Engineer would certainly go a long way in avoiding these mishaps.

Boiler servicing and maintenance by an appropriately qualified plumbing or heating professional will ensure that your insurance stays valid since a lot of warranties require that your boiler is regularly serviced. The law stipulates that all landlords have to carry out service to boilers in their rental properties and must provide a Gas Safety Certificate. It is wise always to be on the right side of the law and visit the Plumbers Harrogate Website to arrange your annual service.

Unlike the thinking of many people, who want to service their boilers during the winter when they are being mostly used, experts recommend that servicing of the boilers be done y in the middle of the summer when the boiler is not in too much use. Another reason for this recommendation is so that the boiler can be at its peak when it is needed most, during the winter. For an efficient, safe and perfectly working boiler, then annual servicing by a qualified and registered Engineer is recommended. Annual servicing saves money in many ways as well.